Jellybean Johnson / ジェリービーン ジョンソン

Jellybean Johnson ジェリービーン ジョンソン画像


1956/11/19 [61]


- The Time / ザ タイム
- The Family / ザ ファミリー
- The Original 7Ven
- fDeluxe


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 Jellybean Johnson (born Garry George Johnson; November 19, 1956) is an American drummer, guitarist, songwriter, producer and musician based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. A member/drummer of The Time along with famed producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, he went on to help record several songs with other artists including Alexander O'Neal, Cherrelle and most notably with Janet Jackson. In 1990, the two co-produced Jackson's #1 rock single, "Black Cat".
 After the breakup of The Time, Drummer/percussionist Jellybean Johnson decided to work as producer/musician/songwriter throughout his career,and eventually becoming a long-time associate of Flyte Tyme productions. His first session job was being a musician for Alexander O'Neal's #11 R&B hit "Innocent" (produced by Time bandmates Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis). On this track, he was not only the drummer, but also delivered the guitar solos for the second half of the ten-minute long song. From thi...もっとみる


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