Jerome Benton / ジェローム ベントン

Jerome Benton ジェローム ベントン画像

The Timeのパフォーマー。


1962/09/17 [55]


- The Time / ザ タイム
- The Family / ザ ファミリー
- The Original 7Ven


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 Jerome Benton (born September 19, 1962) is an American musical performer, backup dancer and lender of comedic antics to various musical acts. He can be seen in music videos by Janet Jackson and Prince, but he is most known for his association with The Time.
 Benton is the half brother to Time bassist, Terry Lewis and worked closely with the band behind the scenes in its initial stages. During one performance, lead singer Morris Day asked for someone to bring him a mirror. Benton responded by ripping a mirror out of the club's restroom and bringing it on stage for Day to comb his hair. This act elevated Benton's integration into the band as a comic foil to Day, along with his dancing and providing backing vocals. In 1983, when Jimmy Jam and Terry Lew...もっとみる


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